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“Just Part of My Life”

If there’s such a thing as a volunteering gene, Violet has it. That kind of DNA runs in her family for generations.

“It’s just part of my life,” she says. “My mother always volunteered, and I’ve done it with my own kids too, in schools and sports and things like that.” And now her grandson volunteers as a mentor to children.

Violet, 74, is nearing 10 years as a faithful volunteer at MorningStar, averaging two to three days per week. She started by serving meals and now works in the warehouse.

The most rewarding part? Changed lives.

“I’ve met so many people who have succeeded after being addicted,” says Violet, who appreciates the Christian-based programs at the Mission. “I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with these experiences. You rejoice with those who succeed.”

With the holidays approaching, the warehouse team is already getting items ready for families this Christmas — including items on wish lists that most of us take for granted.

“Toiletries and deodorant, or just something small for their children,” Violet says. “It’s very humbling. But the reward is seeing the end result, seeing the joy.”

Violet shares your love for those who struggle in our community. Interested in volunteering? Visit our volunteer sign up page now.