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She Lives to Serve

If you were to drop by our Treasure Chest II thrift store in New Lenox on any weekday, you might run into a vivacious older woman wearing a Chicago Cubs jersey, ready to help you with your visit.

Meet Mary Ann, who may not be the world’s oldest Cubs fan, but at 90, she’s our oldest employee … but don’t let her age fool you. She’s got energy to spare.

Where does she get all that fuel?

“I pray constantly,” says Mary Ann. “In my mind, I’m always talking to Jesus. He’s the one who gives me the energy, the strength and the stamina. I hang in there every day!”

The Mission threw a party for Mary Ann’s 90th, where many staff and guests dropped by. They even surprised her with a ticket to a Cubs game — her first! Despite following the team closely for most of a century, she had never been to a game!

Mary Ann loves working at the thrift store because she thrives on serving others.

“I feel I can be of some service here,” says Mary Ann. “I’m retired and on a fixed income, and this helps me support the Mission. It’s a very worthwhile endeavor.”

Mary Ann has worked much of her life, raising four children. But she’s also seen more than enough tragedy: Her husband died 30 years ago, and she has lost two children. She now lives with her son and his family in New Lenox.

“God has never left me alone,” she says. “He is with me constantly.”

We are so grateful for friends like you and Mary Ann who do so much to serve others.