180 Club

180 Club

Many have found a new direction with our 180 Club Men’s Residential Recovery Program. It’s a safe, caring and Christ-centered program where men can reshape their lives.

The 180 Club: Men’s Residential Recovery Program

We believe that God can, and does, work miracles in the lives of those seeking to break free from chronic homelessness or to get out from under their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Our program allows men to gain valuable tools and resources, that if applied, will bring about a recovery that is high in quality. Men will also learn self-responsibility, self-sufficiency, and self-respect—all within the safe confines of a Christian environment with a staff who truly cares about them as a child of God.

Admission Criteria

  • Male, at least 19 years old or older
  • Completion of detoxification (if appropriate)
  • No upcoming court dates
  • Willing to work at least five hours a day
  • No history of severe mental illness
  • Self-supportive
  • In good health
  • Able to independently take prescriptions medications

Christian Counseling

Residents of the program receive individual, as well as group Christian counseling by a Certified Christian Counselor, as well as by a Certified Addictions Counselor.


Residents attend Bible Study Classes in subjects such as Character, Commitment, Authenticity, Prayers, Essential Christianity, Overcoming, Transparency and Transformation, etc.

Help is also available in obtaining a GED.

Every month we have gentlemen graduating from our program and looking for employment. It is reported that hiring managers throw out numbers of resumes without even looking at them. Networking produces the most results in acquiring jobs.

Below is a list of industries or positions in which our group of men are most interested in:

  • Auto Body
  • Electro/Mechanic
  • Electronic/Wireless Technician
  • Security
  • Forklift Operator
  • Landscaping
  • Maintenance
  • Driver

If you are willing to partner with us please contact Kevin Watson at 815-722-5780.

East Side Cafe

East Side Cafe

Each year, we serve an ever-increasing number of meals to the homeless and near homeless in the Joliet community at our East Side Café. We serve three meals a day and two meals on Sunday. In 2014, we served 161,831 meals.

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest

MorningStar’s Treasure Chest thrift store is a virtual gold mine of bargains. With shoes, shirts, dresses, appliances, household goods, furniture, collectibles and more, you’ll find tremendous values throughout the store. Our inventory changes regularly, so visit us often for the best bargains in town.

Emergency Vouchers

Families who can’t afford clothing or furniture can come to MorningStar, and they will receive an emergency voucher redeemable at the Treasure Chest.

  • Treasure Chest I
    2221 West Jefferson ST
    Joliet, IL 60435
    Phone: 815.725.6702

     Visit Treasure Chest on Facebook

    Store Hours
    Mon-Fri 8 AM to 8 PM
    Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM
    Sunday 10:30 AM to 5 PM

  • Treasure Chest II
    2571 East Lincoln Hwy.
    New Lenox, IL 60451
    Phone: 815-462-3007

    Visit Treasure Chest II on Facebook

    Store Hours
    Mon-Fri 9 AM to 7 PM
    Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM
    Sunday 12 PM to 4 PM

Jump On The Bus

Jump on the Bus

As school starts each fall, more than 325 children will have every school supply they need thanks to our Jump on the Bus Program that provides everything from pencils to tennis shoes.

Show With a Sheriff

Shop With a Sheriff

Our Shop with a Sheriff Program has a two-fold purpose. First, it helps at-risk youth to have a positive experience with a local police officer. Second, the program also helps them to be able to afford gifts for their parents and siblings during the holiday season.

Holiday Food Basket

Holiday Food Baskets

Each year we provide more than 2,250 food baskets at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, serving about 5,000 individuals. We also provide more than 400 Easter candy baskets to the children.

Stars of Hope

Stars of Hope

Our Stars of Hope program provides hundreds of families with Christmas gifts. Last year we gave out more than 12,000 gifts to more than 500 families.

B.E.T.H. House

B.E.T.H. House is for pregnant women who call seeking an alternative to abortion. B.E.T.H. House is safe, caring, and Christ—centered home where women can reshape their lives.


Day Drop-In Center

New Day Drop-In Center

The New Day Drop In Center is located in the Fire Station building adjacent to the MorningStar Mission shelter and cafeteria at 364 E. Washington St in Joliet. This center is open to women, children and men who are homeless and or low income. The Mission of the New Day drop in center is to provide daily services to individuals that preserves their human dignity and promotes a positive direction in the lives of the guests, as well as a safe place to be during the day. Located on the main floor of the building, the Drop In Center has Christian books and magazines for participants to read and enjoy during the day. Educational and Christian movies are shown to any interested participants.

The New Day Center has a Computer Learning Center to give homeless and low income people access to computers, email, telephones, word processing, a copier, an address to receive mail, referral services to community resources and case management to provide advocacy services.

The hours of operation for both the Drop In Center and the Computer Lab are 8:00am to 12:00pm, and 1:00pm to 5:00pm daily.

In addition to the Computer Learning Center, the New Day Center provides assistance with the following areas:

  • Individualized Resume’ Development which can include writing, typing, editing, and printing of resumes, assistance with online job searching, online application assistance, Interviewing skills, and Job Development with the help of Will County’s Job Force Development Council, IDES and Illinois Skills Match.
  • Individual education and assistance to learn how to navigate the internet and access information and email.
  • Adult Daily Living Skills including use of showers and washing machines and dryers.
  • Substance abuse education and counseling
  • Housing information and assistance with applications and local rental units. Specialized intakes are utilized for homeless individuals with disabilities and veterans
  • Medical and social referral assistance to community medical facilities and social service agencies in the area.
Women & Family Recovery Center

Women & Family Recovery Center

Shelter Acceptance Criteria

The MorningStar Mission Ministries Program is designed to show the love of Jesus Christ to homeless families; i.e., married couples with children, single females, single females with children and single males with children. This is done by providing shelter, food, clothing, case management, classes, and support groups. The purpose of the program is to encourage growth and change while fostering healthy, productive living in a safe environment that restores dignity and healing.

Our desire is to:

1) Create a safe, healing environment
2) Assist with embracing a healthy identity
3) Assist with accepting personal responsibility
4) Assist with establishing healthy interdependent relationships

Admission Criteria

  • Will County Residents will have precedence.
  • The Individual and/or all family members must be medically stable, psychologically stable, and be able to fully function within the structure of the program.
  • Individuals must be able to take full responsibility for taking any and all prescription medication as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Married couples must provide an original marriage certificate.
  • Individuals should have no legal obligations pending other than being on parole or probation. If the candidate has any charges pending, they will not be admitted until those charges have been cleared up.
  • Individuals should pose no threat to program guests, visitors, volunteers, or mission staff.
  • The candidate must show a sincere desire to get his/her life in order.
  • Once the candidate has been accepted into the Women and Family Center Program, they must show positive daily progress toward meeting their goals.